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Datum: 01.12.2011 15:24:32

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Hello all!

I managed to finish the Mig-21 latest 1:48 Eduard release. I got the Subscriber limited edition, and after my wife decided the paint job I started building it.
Many times friends and family seeing my model planes ask: wow, how long do you need to build that one? My general reply is: 30-50h, I don't know. So as the Eduard kit is considered the 'best fitting one you can get right now on the market', I decided to do kind of a build time log to see how much time it really takes. Here we go:

- Eduard Supscriber limited edition kit :whistle:
- Resin engine
- Resin wheels
- Limited edition decals
- Resin parts for cockpit
- Photo etch for many areas

- New paint (I switched to Gunze) :pray:
- New airbrush (I had to get zhat 0.2mm needle) :boohoo:
- New washes (Mig, because it goes on the Mig)
- Unknown kit (never built before, not many buildlogs available) :blink:
- Unknown subject, I don't know much about Russian fighters

Start date:

End date:

General impression of the kit:
- excellent, fit probably ultraperfect - but mine had some 'issues' as I used the resin engine. There is kind of an error, don't know what exactly, but I had to 'work' to get the fuselage halfes closed.
- Good decission to switch to Gunze
- I like the new washes
- the new airbrush allowed me to do all painting 'free hand'

Building time in hours:
- 67:25 spread over 22 days :tumble:

- to my wife for choosing the paint job :wub:
- to my mother for the 'birthday gift' that is :yahoo:

So enough 'information', here the result:



I'm still not the best photographer...
Hope you like what you see!

Thank you for watching